Long Exposures!

Ultra Long Exposure Series…

This gallery is about Long Exposures, moving water or clouds.  Really, anything that moves will work!  I really enjoy long exposures and hope that you do also!

This gallery is about Long Exposures, moving water or clouds.  Really, anything that moves will work!


15 comments on “Long Exposures!

  1. Hi Mark, Your long exposure photos look great. I want to try my hand at this. I don’t own the ND filters. I went to the B+W Schneider website and found the ND filters. I have the Fuji 35mm and know it requires the 52mm filter size but got lost in the all of the B+W filter choices. Can you please tell me the B+W ND filter series or part numbers of the ND filters that you use on your lenses? Thanks.

    • Frank, thanks for the question. You will really enjoy long exposures.
      Here is a link to Amazons 10 stop ND filter:

      Here is a link to Amazons 3 stop ND filter:

      Remember, THe camera cannot meter properly thru the 10 stop filter and will be margional on the 6 stop. If you find you are under exposed or over exposed simply go to manual mode and set the same exposure you had then adjust the aperture either up or down and re-shoot!

      • Hi Mark, It looks like WordPress stripped the Amazon URL links from your post. I searched for ” B+W 52mm 10 stop ND filter”on Amazon and got a lot of hits. The part descriptions on Amazon are vague. There is single coating, multi coating, and other manufacturers. Is the number of coatings important? Thanks.

      • Frank, that is too bad. I usually purchase the single coating. I always shoot with the lens hood installed so extreme angle light striking the objective is not an issue. In fact, I just ordered one from Amazon a few min ago. THis is the part number: B+W 58mm ND 3.0-1,000X with Single Coating (110)

  2. Hello Mark! Love the pics! 🙂 If i dnt have a remote trigger, can I still try long exposures? Whats the best way to shoot these? Im a PNS cam user & OMD is my 1st cam with manual settings which I dnt know how to use yet. I have bought CPL & Vari ND filters to experiment in my upcoming photography trip to Hanoi. Thank you in advance! 🙂

  3. Hi Mark – – I very much enjoy everything on your web site. My name is Elliot Stern and I’m the owner of Blue Ridge Workshops http://www.blueridgeworkshops.com and http://elliotpaulstern.me/

    There is no way to contact you by email so I am using this reply method. My wife is the manager of Calumet Photo in Vienna, Va. and there is a project I would like to discuss with you. My phone is 571-294-1383 and my Email is Elliot@blueridgeworkshops.com

    The phone is my cell so you can reach me just about anywhere.


    • Elliot, thanks for writing. My email should have been somewhere on the blog, now I will have to go fix that! I can be reached at mark@thelensworkgallery.com or at 843-267-2700. Why dont you give me a call sometime tomorrow afternoon at your convenience? I have heard or read about your workshop company sometime in the past! I too do the same down here in the Low Country and take groups to Ga, SC, NC and WV. It is a lot of fun and enables me to travel quite a bit!

  4. Hi Mark,

    How have you address the issue of multi exposure panos with waves especially whe doing long exposures to either create the patterns or soft effect? It seems that since the waves will not be in the same place stitching will be quite challenging.


  5. Hi Mark,

    Your images are just fantastic. Inspired by your long exposure blog, I got myself an XE-1. I have enjoyed low light photography on film back in the days when it was affordable. (no longer affordable in Australia). I believe many of us have always wondered how much post processing has gone into the images. Coming from film days, I am a little apprehensive to do massive post processing and ending up converting my image to a graphic art piece.
    Seriously, would love to hear your take on this.


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