Seeing SMALL in a BIG world…

Here I will place all things small…

Macro photography is HARD.  There are so many problems to overcome that only those who are willing to work at the process will succeed.  I am sorry but that is the truth.  You cannot take any camera and create an image, crop it and blow it up to call it macro!  Macro is close dirty work that requires special lenses or lens adapters, detailed control of the lighting and overcoming a VERY shallow depot of field!  If you wish to learn more about macro/closeup photography I suggest that you start here then read a book on the subject.  You will be glad you did!


2 comments on “Macro

  1. Nice Post. this has got me moving on a project I have been stalling on. Also on Macro Photography, geared for garden flowers, since many of us have gardens this time of year.

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