The Lost Grist Mill Project

Capturing Grist Mills across America

The Lost Grist Mill…

A study of the Grist Mills of the United States!

Glade Creek Mill

Glade Creek Mill

Grist Mills, what can I say?  I will drive hundreds of miles out of my way just to visit and photograph one… Last year I spent 8 weeks exploring 19 states in the Eastern United States specifically to photograph mills.  This is an ongoing project that will likely last the rest of my life.  There are a LOT of mills still standing around the country and they are spread apart by vast distances!  I have even created a GPS database that you can download from here and load into your cars GPS system that will show about 300 worthy mills in the East!  So, as you can see, i am serious about this quest

Valentine Mill

Valentine Mill


So join me in this quest!  We can share Mill location and information.  Who knows, you might just get hooked on them!

Stone Creek Mill

Stone Creek Mill


11 comments on “The Lost Grist Mill Project

  1. No big wheel – never driven to there from STL but from the STL airport, I’d say 130 miles or so – drive to Rolla then head south.

    BTW, headed to south FL to do some IR with my Fuji XP1 on Monday. Probably will just use a Hoya R72.

    • Where is home? If you go to my download window here on the blog you will find a GPX file for covered bridges and one for grist mills covering everything from Missouri east! THis can be downloaded to your desktop then moved into your cars GPS for all of the waypoints!

    • Ten miles east of Thomaston, on State Route 74, is the town of Yatesville. Although incorporated in 1894, the area was the center of plantations, industry, and education institutions for many pioneer citizens in the early history of Upson County. Crossing Tolber Creek on the right approaching Yatesville are the remains of Hightower Grist Mill, built in 1824.

  2. Hi, I’m hoping you may have an image of the old grist mill where Hilliards PA was founded. Given your last name and the name of this blog, I was hopeful that you knew about it. I am a great great great great granddaughter of the founder John Hilliard and would like to memorialize the mill within a doily or tablecloth

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