Litchfield, SC Causeway,

The Causeway going to Litchfield Beach, SC

Data: GW645zi – 55mm – Roll 95 – Fr 8 – Red 25 +3 Filter – f8 – 1_60 – FP4+ – Xtol Stock -30s – Wet Scan – T CI 50 – Litchfield Marsh- 2018-09-09

2 comments on “Litchfield, SC Causeway,

  1. Lovely image. I love visiting family down there. My sister was the Director of Tennis at the Litchfield Racquet Club. They closed it on Dec. 1.

    I’m using a Mamiya RZ67 Pro II for black and white. I enjoy you’re YouTube channel.

    Stephen Prunier

    • Stephen, thanks for the message! It is nice that others are involved in film as well. I just sent a RZ67 Pro II to KEH this week to sell along with 2 lenses and other accessories. It was just too heavy. Did your sister lose her job or is it closed for the season?

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