Artistic Intent

Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse sunrise

Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse sunrise

Hello All, WELCOME to my Fine Art Photography Blog & Galleries! Here, I will discuss all things photographic that interest me… I will cover a wide gamut of information from fine art nature photography, land and sea scopes, infrared, B&W, lightning, high speed hummingbird photography to ultra high speed water drop collision photography!

This blog is new for me and is about me and my photographic interests.  It is NOT may main web presence, that belongs to my infrared atelier educational blog which has about 100,oo visits a year and can be found at:  Here I am only going to talk about things that directly interest me or tickle my fancy!

If you have questions, please send them to me in the form of comments to the posts. I will answer them quickly and even use some of the thoughts posed in them as ideas for new posts!

My initial intent here was to display my own BEST personal images and thoughts that have had an emotional impact upon me…. But with some further thought I have decided to allow other photographers to display here as well.  The ONLY rule is that the images MUST have an emotional impact!

Outer Banks FIshing Pier Sunrise, Fuji X Pro 1 + 10 stop ND filter

Outer Banks FIshing Pier Sunrise, Fuji X Pro 1 + 10 stop ND filter

Pretty Simple!

2 comments on “Artistic Intent

  1. Mark, I find a certain beauty in long exposure photography. Just wondering how you process your images. I use an em1 mk2 and LR6 standalone version and i really struggle with noise reduction. Can you suggest anything, even an alternative

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