Ultra Long Exposures

Creating Long Exposure images is an art unto itself…


It takes time, but time is also the key component of the exposure as well.  


I love doing this style of photography! I bring a small stool and plop down on the beach or mountains  for hours on end.  It is both peaceful and inspiring and I take great joy from the process!

I does not matter how you shoot, Film, Digital, Infrared or B&W, it all works!

Some of the work shown here are longer than 8 min (480 seconds).  They take time not only in camera but the setup, filters and subject choices have to be wisely considered.  Information about each is under its image.   

This post is a small gallery highlighting subject types and styles, showing you what is possible with a camera (ANY), ND filters and a tripod! 

I hope that you enjoy them!  



Pier, Outer Banks, 12 min.


Frisco Pier, Outer Banks, 400 seconds


Yosemite Falls, Tunnel View, 12 seconds, Medium Format FIlm


Springmaid Pier, 10min, Medium Format FIlm


Litchfield Marsh, 12 seconds, Medium Format Film


Glade Creek Mill, 8 seconds, Medium Format Film


Glade Creek, 30 seconds, Medium Format Film


Glade Creek, 25 seconds, Medium Format Film

Pawleys Marsh, 30 seconds


Bodie Light, 60 seconds


Glade Creek, 15 seconds


Milky Way, 20 seconds


Santa Cruz Sunset, 15 seconds


Milky Way over Yosemite, 20 seconds


Roanoke Marshes Light, 3 seconds


Milky Way, St. Marks, FL, 20 seconds


Milky Way, St. Marks, FL, 20 seconds


Springmaid Pier, 8 min


The Dark Path, Wormsloe Plantation, 30 seconds


Yosemite Falls, 15 seconds


Pawleys Island Pier, 490 seconds


Boneyard on Jekyll Island at sunrise, 4 min.



Dunloupe Creek, New River Gorge WV, M Monochrome


Outer Banks Pier, Monochrom Camera System


Roanoke Marsh Light, Outer Banks, M Monochrom

Pawleys Pier-m7-elmarit-28-8-5m-f11-rodinal-1-50, Dry Scan


Lower Yellowstone Falls


Cape Romain Boneyard Sunrise 10 min


240 second exposure, deep twilight.


New River Falls


New RIver Falls


Linville Falls


Duggars Creek Falls Detail


Outer Banks FIshing Pier Sunrise, 90 seconds