CLiR Infrared Post Processing Photoshop Panel, 1st New IR Software In Years!

The New CLiR Infrared Processing System and Photoshop panel!


CLiR Aerochrome Processed


Working with the new CLiR Infrared Post Processing Panel in PS using my standard test image of the Covered Bridge!
This was shot on a XPro1 converted by Kolari to 720nm
I have to tell you that the power of these editing tools are beyond amazing! They are easy for beginners and the advanced functions are awesome!
Will be teaching the CLiR process in all of my workshops with Jamie Konarski Davidson as well as in the NECCC Photography Conference in July!
These 3 images edited in CLiR took me about 15 min to complete all three, one in my normal fashion, one emulating Aerochrome (TOP) and another normal but textured! You folks are going to love using this software.

CLiR My Normal Processing

I have a 20% discount code hilliard20 that will give you a 20% discount or you can direct order with it applied at:
For the NECCC conference I will have a slightly larger discount code for my Infrared Sessions!

CLiR Normal Processing with Texture overlay

If you are interested in the new IR Chrome filter with my discount you can purchase it from Kolari at:
Had you heard of this new IR system?   It has been a LONG time since new IR editing software has come out to the market.  I am still exploring the capabilities of this package but I am super impressed.  It does not matter if you are new or experienced in post processing IR images you will quickly learn to navigate the panel.  This is possible due to the great video tutorials that come with the panel!

Let me know your thoughts on this when you have tried it or watched their online intro video!

4 comments on “CLiR Infrared Post Processing Photoshop Panel, 1st New IR Software In Years!

  1. I’ve been wondering what you thought of the new filter. I look forward to trying it! Wish I had it in Bermuda now. Can I use it with. 590 nm sensor? Or just full spectrum? FYI, I got the SONY rc100 m6 converted to 590, have been liking it,but I think an internal wire is defective for pop up viewfinder, which is now black. Bummer since can’t see much otherwise in tropical sun. I also think the warranty might be voided because I changed out sensor, so kind of screwed. My best, Laurie Usher, from iPhone twizy electric car using in Bermuda


    • Hi Laurie! It is amazing and YES it works on all the ir conversions! When and if you decide grab my discount code as it helps us as well! Contact a conversion company and ask if thay can fix it for you.

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