Welcome To My Photography Blog!

Starting Off!


Welcome Mark Hilliard’s Fine Art Nature Photography Blog!  Here I will showcase my favorite work with explanations of how each image was created.  I hope that you enjoy these images as much as I did in making them!

September & October here in the Low Country of South Carolina is the time that we see the greatest Hummingbird activity as they migrate to Central America.  So I thought that I would post a few of my best Hummingbird images! Here is a LINK to my hummingbird blog, please consider giving it a visit to find out how I actually take these ultra high speed images of these little birds!

This first image is of a Violet Sabre-winged Hummingbird going after an ant on the mushroom while a Red-eyed Tree Frog watches.  The image was taken in the cloud forests in Monteverdi in Costa Rica.


Violet Sabre-winged Hummingbird & Red-eyed Tree Frog



Next, is an image of an immature Ruby-throated male Hummingbird trying to feed in my back yard and chasing away the Yellow Jacket!   These little birds are afraid of nothing (which can be their downfall).


Bee Gone!



Lastly, a mature male again taken in my back yard!


Adult Male Ruby-thrated Hummingbird


I hope that you have enjoyed these images.  Hummingbirds are my FAVORITE bird subject in the whole world! I spend a lot of time and energy setting up for this and love every second of it!


Adult Ruby-throated Hummingbird



4 comments on “Welcome To My Photography Blog!

  1. Hi, Would you mind if I painted the first photo? It would be as a present for a friend who loves humming birds, it would be the only copy and no money exchanged so I’m not making a business out of your photos 🙂

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