Water Drops

Ultra High Speed Water Drop Photography

How could something as simple as falling water drops be so interesting and thought provoking? These image are an example of art that must be felt to be experienced.  There is no explanation that could possibly do them any justice at all!  They are DIFFICULT to create but very fun.  They will challenge even the best photographers in the world so I will not even try to explain the technical aspects of creating them, rather I invite you to experience them…



Alien Encounter


In The Spot Light


Help, I Am Falling Down....


It Was A Dark And Stormy Night....

Something Went BANG In The Night!


A Hole In My Soul


Alice's Mushroom

Well, what did YOU think?  They are very interesting and thought provoking, but show a secret part of life that we rarely have the chance to experience!


6 comments on “Water Drops

  1. Beautiful pictures, they have several videos on YouTube on how to do this but so far it has been easier said than done. I have spent many hours working on this, maybe one day I will have results like yours to show for my hard work.

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