Updated Grist Mill GPS File Available

The NEW GPX File Is Here!


Mabry Mill, 630nm IR

I just added about 15 Grist Mill GPS database entries into the Grist Mill GPX file that you can download in the DOWNLOADS menu on the right hand menu!  I added Ohio and Kentucky! Please feel free to download this file and then using your GPS software you can download it again into your car’s GPS!

If you have any additions to this file please send them along!


6 comments on “Updated Grist Mill GPS File Available

    • Thanks Steve! I am actually a SPOOM member and use their database all the time but it has been down for the past few days. I also like ohiobarns.com as they have different listings as well. Unfortunately neither of these is all inclusive! I will go take a look at your site now as well!

  1. Hi where is the Mabry mill located ? Do you have any history on it? We have a painting of it and from an old friend that painted it about 50 years ago. Can’t believe I found an image of it. She lived in lake Mohawk NJ and was our neighbor, Marie Peltzer

  2. My husband and I fell in love with this beautiful photograph and I would love to try painting it in watercolor with your permission.

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