Georgia Grist Mill & Covered Bridges with the X Pro 1

A Few Hidden Treasures…

Starr’s Mill, GA

BW Auchumpkee Creek Bridge, GA

Well my wife and I spent a day exploring the counties north of Columbus Georgia on Thursday looking for covered bridges and grist mills!  We actually visited 2 bridges and 2 mills but only one of the mills was really worthy of any type of photography (more on that later…)  All in all a very enjoyable day!

GPS Track of this trip. Yellow Pins are Mills and Bridges!

I will drive hundreds of miles out of my way to visit a Grist Mill or Covered Bridge and today was no exception.  We left Columbus early and drove about 150 miles in a large circle to hit these 4 locations.  There is just something very special about these old landmarks don’t you think?  I still have about 15 more mills to visit in Georgia and around 20 more bridges!  We have 2 more trips planned this year there, one in August and another in September.  If I can capture 4 or 5 good locations then it will be well worth the time and money to visit them!



4 comments on “Georgia Grist Mill & Covered Bridges with the X Pro 1

  1. Looking for pictures of the Grist Mill in Waymanville , Thomaston, Ga Upson County in the 1880-1890’s and the cotton mill there.

    • Ten miles east of Thomaston, on State Route 74, is the town of Yatesville. Although incorporated in 1894, the area was the center of plantations, industry, and education institutions for many pioneer citizens in the early history of Upson County. Crossing Tolber Creek on the right approaching Yatesville are the remains of Hightower Grist Mill, built in 1824.

      I am told that all that is left is the foundation…

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