One Image, One Paragraph…

My favorite image from my visit to Georgetown today…

Stormy Seas… Calm Dock…

Stormy Seas... Calm Dock...

Stormy Seas… Calm Dock…

I had to sit in the Georgetown gallery today. On my way there I stopped at Stormy Seas, my favorite shrimp boat in the area.  I had the Leica M Monochrom with me and the Tri-Elmar 16-18-21 mm lens on it as well as the FRANKEN-VIEWER which enables me to compose the image with ultra-wide lenses on the Monochrom. Did I mention that the Leica M Monochrome is a B&W ONLY camera system? The sky had this amazing gradient across it going from dark gray to bright silvery light on the horizon and the water that you could slide across… Oh My, the water was so perfectly smooth and mirror-like that I stood there stunned with camera in hand just hypnotized at the magic and taking it all in.  But alas, I only had a minute to spare so I took 3 differently composed images at -1ev, f/11 and 1/1500s.  This is the result: a simple, well balanced image, so full of tonality that it is dripping from the bottom all over my feet….

Enjoy while I clean my shoes…


6 comments on “One Image, One Paragraph…

  1. Mark, absolutely stunning. Regarding you comment about sitting down. I still haven’t made a firm decision about SOS. Please tell me how it’s working for you.

    Regards, Sharon

    • Thanks for the nice comment, but I do not understand what you mean about sitting! I meant that I had to sit at a gallery to work that day, not sit to take the picture! Perhaps you are talking about the spinal stimulator?

  2. Did you shoot -1ev because you know the camera’s metering system generally overexposes one stop or was it some thing about the scene that promoted you? Just curious. The camera is first class so I would expect the meter to be darn close.

    • Frank, no, I shot at -1 because the camera meter is center weighted only so I had to adjust for the overall scene. The meter saw the medium gray sky and wanted to place it at zone 5, but it needed to be in zone 4 thus -1ev and the picture exposed perfectly! If you have not already done so, I highly recommend that you take the the time to learn the zone exposure system. It will make you a much better photographer and you will never miss an exposure again.

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